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    Senior Member hunter_243's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    South of Brazil

    Effective placement of shot in hunting hogs

    Dear friends!
    I would like to discuss with you about putting shots on hogs and minimum and efficient calibres.
    First, I would remind them of the different realities in which we live. Quite the opposite of the USA, my country has serious restrictions on weapons and calibers. I will not dwell on this subject not to lose focus but only for illustrate, here we can not use the .223 caliber or AR family weapons or night vision equipments. Legislation dumb things ...
    On the other hand, here in Brazil we have among hunters the culture of high caliber. Therefore it is common to find many hunters using 30-06 Springfield, 300 Winchester Magnum and including the 375 H&H Magnum. The most common caliber is 308 Winchester. The caliber I use, 243 Win, is frowned upon by the hunters.
    We all know that the hog is an animal rustic and strong, it means that the shot placement is very important to to have a clean kill.

    This image is well known and serves well to illustrate the anatomy of the hog:

    In my experience of hunting, the only points of impact that are effective in hogs is the brain and spine. Shots that hit these places cause the hogs to fall immediately. Shots in the heart and lungs will lead them to death but not immediately. I had the opportunity to see many hogs being hit in the heart and go about 100 yards before dying.
    I use a blind to hunt and face some difficulties to make night shots. How do I use flashlights and ND3to illuminate hogs, sometimes you need to make the shot with the hog moving. And why try to make the shot in the highest region of the shoulder, to try to reach the spine. When I can find a hog during the day, then I do that at issue in the ear to try to reach the brain.
    A problem we've been shooting big males hogs in the region of the shoulder. For those who have had opportunity to check, the male hogs have very thick leather in the region where the vital organs. It's like they put on a kind of vest! In this case, the caliber and ammunition make a difference. And here I agree that the 243 Win is not very efficient. The bullet light (100 grains), finding it tough to "vest" starts to expand before having adequate penetration and can not cause great damage to the hog. In these cases, I think the caliber 308 Win or higher is best.


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    Senior Member Double Naught Spy's Avatar
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    Forestburg, Montague County, Texas
    You know, I like head shots. Mine are generally from 30-50 yards and so they aren't that difficult to make. I have shot them there when their noses were up and smelling the breeze, nose down while eating, and while walking.

    I don't like chasing wounded hogs even if they just run 100 yards and fall over. Generally speaking, they don't run closer to the truck or out into the open where I can easily grab them. They always seem to want to run through the thickest brush and briars or end up down in the creek bottom.

    I am happy with any shot that drops them in place.

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    Senior Member atakacorp's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    I am with Double Naught ,head shots 50-150 yards,hate to go look for them

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    Wild Hog Hunter
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    Sep 2011
    Splendora, TX
    Head shots are the best for me as well. Lucky for me all the hogs I have shot dropped in their tracks. Head shots or heart shots they have dropped. Though the heart shots were made with a 30-06, and .270. Head shots have been with .17,.223,.243, 30/30 and .308.. Couple have dropped to a shot from my 12 ga with 00 buck load. Same for me as well I don't want to chase a hog down. I hunt S Tx and it is thick with everything that sticks, pokes or bites you.

    Now with deer ( I only take heart shots ) All but one deer took off running. Only had one drop in it's tracks. It was shot with a .243. Was lucky enough to hunt at a buddies place and they had Axis deer. He let me take an axis doe . I had my 12 ga with 00 buck and dropped her in her tracks with a head/neck shot.

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    Senior Member atakacorp's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    man, I stopped heart shots after this summer, got one sow at 150 yards ,was sure it was dead on heart ,she took off running and jumped in to the river ,40 yards,I saw her drowning, had to go swimming ,after skinning and gutting ,got he heart with the hole in it ,this hogs just wont die

    this how the hut ended

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    Wild Hog Hunter
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    Sep 2011
    Splendora, TX
    Hogs are very tuff. Strong will to survive. Cool pics.. Hunt ended great. Looks awesome

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    Senior Member hunter_243's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    South of Brazil
    My friend atakacorp!
    I've seen several hogs that were shot in the heart and lungs and they ran long before he died. The first hog I hit ran more than 100 meters from the heart pierced. To my knowledge, the only places that the hogs are immediately drop shots in the spine and head shots.

    You would do well hunting here in Brazil ... our hunts always end with a barbecue!


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    Jul 2011
    So far, all my shots have been the ear/neck area. All dropped dead on the spot. Shots were taken from 15' stand at 30 paces. My favorite rifle is my SKS, but ny 243 has taken it's share also.

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    Senior Member Double Naught Spy's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Forestburg, Montague County, Texas
    atakacorp, that is some story. Nice souvenir! Most that I have seen or have heard stories of that run usually don't get over 100 yards, but those can be 100 of the worst yards you can crawl through...those that are mortally wounded by a heart/lung shot, that is.

    I often refer back to this video. It is a bit boring for the most part. The guy does finally take the shot and the shot passes through. Note the angle of deflection when it does (impacting up and right of the boar). The reason I like this video is that it shows how quickly the hogs can run after being shot. This one piles up probably about 100 yards from where shot and fortunately didn't have a chance to get to much cover.
    Last edited by Double Naught Spy; 01-15-2012 at 05:02 PM. Reason: forgot link

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    I like the head or neck shot my self.
    These two didn't move (Well,,,they did do the the horizontal dirt dance for a few seconds)

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