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    Wisconsin Hog Hunting

    I'm a rookie hog hunter from Wisconsin. Does anyone hunt hogs up here? If so, where?

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    I'm down here in Texas and I'm not real familiar with hog hunting in Wisconsin but I know that there are several places in Iowa that offers hog hunting. We haven't had any outfitters from WI or IA sign up in our outfitter section but I'd just do a google search to try and find a good place somewhat close to where you're at.

    Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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    Hey I just joined up too, I was deer hunting up in Osseo and they were all complaining about the pigs. I didn't see any or see any signs but from the way the guys were talking they are there in the area. I have to say hunting anywhere seems to be getting tougher and tougher. I got lucky I was hunting on my BIL's FIL's place went for the antlerless and got invited back and brought my younger brother for Buck season. I got skunked on the Buck but my brother did fine.

    I don't know if attitudes are different for pig hunting then deer hunting but Unless your willing to pay or know someone well hunting private land has almost all dried up in MI and its the same in IL people just want to take a chance like in the "Olden Days"


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