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    Hog Hunting Missouri

    Hey Everyone,

    Im new to the forum and have yet to ever hunt. Currently in the army and deployed to Afghanistan so not new to shooting a gun. I should be going back to Missouri when I get out of here, and I was thinking about getting into Hog hunting. I also want to do duck, turkey, bear, deer, moose and all that but, you have to be in season and in the right place. Seems like Hog hunting is always in season and becoming a threat to peoples farmland, also seems like its the easiest sport to get into.

    Im just wondering if anyone is from Missouri that knows a few good places to go hog hunting.

    Im also wondering if silencers and night hunting is legal in Missouri? Id rather hunt during the day but it seems like alot of people like to hunt at night with NVGs? Is it because thats when they come out?

    Basically totally new to the hunting arena and have been reading up on tons of articles getting excited for when I get out of here.

    Im having my dad back home buy a Benelli Supernova in case the prices go up, but after reading alot of articles, it seems like most people use semi auto assault or bolt action hunting rifles. I was thinking about getting a Remington M70 30-06 as it seems to be a favorite among hunters for all types of animals. Would this be fine for hunting hogs?
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    30-06 will drop a hog for sure.

    Welcome to the site.

    Thank you for your service for this great nation.


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