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    Of all of the conventional means of hog hunting, trapping is one of the most effective means of population control. Without an army of hunters there is no way to shoot or catch with dogs as many hogs as you can catch in a single night with one trap. With a large trap it is possible to catch an entire sounder all at once. The WildHogHunters staff record in a semi-permanent trap is twenty-two hogs caught in a single trap in one night and five hogs or more in one 4'x8' trap is a common occurrence.

    Trapping is also one of the few ways to make money from wild hogs. There are many buyers out there willing to pay good money for live hogs. Check out our Wild Hog Buyers section to learn more about the market for buying and selling wild hogs and to see if we have any hog buyers listed in your area. There are also people out there willing to pay for wild hogs to be removed from their property, so if you're wanting to make a little extra money while having fun at the same time this is something else you could look into if it's legal in your area.

    If trapping has caught your interest and you're wanting to learn even more, we've put the following sections together that should teach you all that you need to know so that you can be out there with hogs in the trap in no time!

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