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    I love what I do with We are a group of hunters and friends who work well together pursuing the activities we love. Removing nuisance hogs from the property of perplexed landowners actually gives a feeling of satisfaction in helping our neighbors. Hogs are one of the smartest, elusive creatures in the forest and the challenge in hunting them puts them at the top of the list of wary game animals.

    Yes, you can kill hogs, but when the hunting pressure increases they simply move to a place with less pressure. We see this all the time with landowners who ask us to come in and trap hogs destroying their lawns or their gardens. Many home owners own less than an acre or two and do not have the cooperation of their neighbors in trying to eliminate the animals destroying their property. It gives the hog trapper or hunter even less to work with!

    The act of setting traps and baiting them creates some disturbance and the scattering of human scent. This is often enough to move the hogs away, sometimes for a few days, others times for a month. However, the hogs almost always come back! We don't get discouraged but often the land owners do.

    We don't charge people to trap hogs. We do it because it is what we do and we dispose of the hogs per the regulations of the state of Texas. We sell boars to game ranch owners and destroy the sows, often eating the ones that are the right size for the dinner table. The small hogs we destroy because that is what the law says to do in Texas.

    We don't catch enough! Per the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Biologists we would have to kill 70% of the hogs to keep the population stagnant. We hunt them, we trap them, we run them with dogs and still we do not kill enough hogs. The population is going to continue to grow and wild hogs will displace other species.

    Wild hogs prey on ground nesting birds. Pigs have such a unique and powerful sense of smell tame hogs were used by farmers to locate truffles in wooded region in Europe and North America. Using hogs for finding truffles supposedly dates back to the age of the Roman Empire! This powerful nose allows them to prey on other animals and turkeys, quail and pheasant are just some of the birds that fall prey to wild hogs, especially during nesting season. We have found turkey nests destroyed along our hay fields by rooting hogs that found the hen turkey and ate her eggs.

    One good thing is that I used to find several cottonmouth watermoccasins on the path to San Bois Creek on my property every time we went fishing. Since the wild hogs have moved in the snakes have found themselves on the menu. However, it is not just the poisonous snakes, but the good snakes as well that make a hog a meal occasionally.

    Anyone who hunts over a feeder for deer in hog country has had hogs come in and run off their deer. We have an excellent thermal imaging video of this happening down in Goliad when we were hunting with Chris Lucci in 2010 back in August.

    David Dell and Mike VanSant started Wild Hog Hunters as a way to combat the wild hog invasion in our area of north Texas, but they also do it because they love to hog hunt. We kill hogs. Usually we shoot them in a fair chase scenario that is often more fair for the hog than the hunter but I have seen Mike shoot hogs in the trap when we had no other place to go with them. He often shoots them twice because he wants to make sure they are dead and do not suffer. We do not hate wild hogs, but we understand the situation we are in and that this infestation of hogs has created and we are responding in kind. We kill these animals as quickly as we can and it is one of the things we insist on. The other is safety.

    We have taken some flak on our videos for using knives in our dog hunts. Anyone who has hunted with a rifle has had to make a follow up shot at one time or another. Anyone who has shot more than one game animal has seen one that has run for fifty to seventy-five yards with its heart completely destroyed.

    In the knife hunts, those hogs are dead very quickly once the hunter arrives with the knife. And despite the unlearned moaning of ignorant bunny huggers, the hunter is not using a knife because it makes him feel more powerful. In a dog hunt you have multiple dogs on the hog. They are in close. They lunge at the hog to keep it pinned down. A gun is too dangerous to use with dogs that are darting in and circling the hog. It is too dangerous to use with handlers and other hunters trying to contain those dogs or hold the hog. Bullets ricochet, even when the backdrop is solid, a bone will deflect the round enough to send it in a direction it was not intended to go. The knife is more easy to control and it is the better choice for the dog hunter.

    The knife is lethal and it is quick. It is also a legal tool for hunting hogs in Texas. Wild hogs are considered an invasive species. They are not a wild game animal that the state recognizes. This does not mean that we are any less careful in our shots or in safety with a hog as when compared to a deer. The rules of safety still apply and the rules of ethics in respecting life are still in play. We make good shots and do our best to make the first one count. None of us want a hurt and wounded animal in the field.

    Hunters know these things, but it is becoming apparent that not just hunters are going to find this site. Non-hunters who are having problems with wild hogs find us through this site and some of them have questions. This is an explanation of what we do and where we are coming from.

    We respect the land we are asked to trap on or receive permission to hunt. We do not litter or take shots in unsafe directions. We learn property boundaries and inspect our backdrops for the shots we set up. We set up our traps with the land owner along, explaining what we are doing and trying to accomplish.

    Our team is made up of professionals from many different aspects of hunting -- trappers, gun hunters, bow hunters, dog hunters and high tech shooters. It is what it takes to battle this invasive species that seemed to sweep the southern states of the USA. Check out our site and if you are having problems with wild hogs, email us or give us a call. You can even post on the forum and one of us will respond
  • Wild Hog Hunting

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