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    There's been a buzz recently about hunting hogs from helicopters since the Texas State Legislature has voted to clear the way to allow more people to participate in this activity. It's currently legal to hunt hogs from a helicopter on your own land only, but preliminary approval for a bill has just been given that will allow land owners to "sell" their seats to anyone willing to pay for it.

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    This is a boon for both land owners and thrill seekers alike. Wild hogs can now be found in all 254 counties in Texas and with their rapid reproductive rates and rapid expansion into areas that they weren't previously found, each year the damage they cause has been steadily growing. By allowing hunting from helicopters for paying hunters, landowners now have another option to both further control the population as well as make a little money to help pay to repair the damage they've been causing to farmland, crops and landscaping.

    We foresee a big business arising for helicopter hog control in the future.

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