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    If hogs are around then finding a good hog track shouldn't be hard. It will look similar to a deer track but it will be much more square as opposed to a normally triangular shaped deer track. In deep mud both animals will have their toes spread wider and it makes it a little harder to differentiate between the two. Small hogs can also leave very large looking tracks in deep mud, so don't get too excited after finding monster hog tracks in a very muddy area.

    Hog track - Notice the squareness of the track

    Hogs will frequently use the same trail over and over when coming to or leaving an area and finding these trails can be an important part of hunting, trapping and snaring. Often times you will see the trails leading up to a tunnel through the brush that runs into deeper areas of the woods where the hogs like to hang out. One of these tunnels is a great place to set a snare since the hog will have to go through it to continue through the tunnel. Likewise, one of the best places to set a trap will be along a well used trail and it's also an ideal place to setup a feeder or ambush spot when hunting with a firearm or a bow.

    For comparison here is a deer track - Most deer tracks will be triangular in shape

    As said earlier, in muddy conditions, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between hog and deer tracks. Another common misconception is identification based upon the presence or absence of dew claws. In many situations, such as mud or uphill/downhill tracks, dew claw marks will be present in both hog and deer tracks and it takes a trained eye to identify the track marks.

    Hog track or deer track? If you guessed hog, you're wrong, it's actually a deer track

    Hog track

    Hog tracks

    Hog tracks

    Hog tracks

    Hog track
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